Nitrogen holds a key to healthy gut bacteria

This interesting study shows that depriving an animal of nitrogen containing foods can have a beneficial effect on the diversity of the microbiome. The primary nitrogen containing foods in the human diet are high protein animal foods.

Scientists have found that extra nitrogen from a high carbohydrate, low protein diet can allow bacteria to grow in a way that compliments an animal’s gut.

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The growing body of data about the benefits of whole grain carbohydrates, especially those that contain prebiotic fiber, has begun to influence thinking of some well-known health advocates who formally promoted keto or Paleo lifestyles, including Ben Greenfield and Chris Kresser. Although both of these gentlemen still tend to be fairly skittish about grains and beans, their thinking about carbohydrates in general has shifted quite a bit. Ben has actually written a bit recently about the reintroduction of grains and beans into the diet but only after having been soaked, sprouted, or fermented (ala the Weston Price school of nourishing traditions).