No need to avoid healthy omega-6 fats – Harvard Health

There’s a lot of hype out there about good fats and bad fats.

Omega-6 fats were once criticized as unhealthy, but researchers for the American Heart Association have concluded that they are in fact beneficial to the heart.…
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In fact, a recent article I read about the effect of fat on the microbiome will make one quite skeptical of a lot of the claims from the Paleo, Keto, and low-carb crowds about what fats a person should and should not eat.

Just a reminder that much of the research about these new approaches to diet does not cover the full gamut of data from basic science to animal model to clinical to epidemiological — what Valter Longo refers to as the five pillars of evidence. Archaeological studies about what premodern humans actually ate, including Paleolithic hunter gatherers, does not support a diet that primarily centers on animal fat. In most parts of the world, research suggests they were getting in the area of 100 g of plant fiber per day.