The effect of body care products on the skin microbiome

I reviewed a few small studies today about the effects of body care products on the skin microbiome. All three of the articles covered the use of anti-perspirant and deodorant on the armpit. The results are not consistent between the three studies, with one exception. The regular use of body care products dramatically alters the skin microbiome, and the health consequences of this are not well understood at this time.

Because it is well documented that dramatic alteration of the gut microbiome with diet and various chemicals is detrimental to health, we can cautiously propose the same thing for the skin. Further evidence that this is an issue would be if we had an epidemic of skin problems in this country. Interestingly, dermatology is one of the top reasons for seeing a doctor.

According to Valent, an employer risk consultant, it is actually Number 1:

None of this is conclusive, but is certainly suggestive and bears further study. Social distancing may provide an opportunity to do a little self-experimentation without being socially ostracized. 😉