Hattie effect size list – 256 Influences Related To Achievement 

I heard about this while listening to an audiobook this morning. The audiobook is Seven Myths of Education by a woman named Daisy Christodoulou and you can listen to it on the Scribd app. I’m currently a big fan of her work. Today’s chapter mentioned John Hattie’s work on determining the effect size of various factors in educational achievement, which he has studied over the years with an ongoing and comprehensive meta-analysis.

Read on visible-learning.org/hattie-ranking-influences-effect-sizes-learning-achievement/

Daisy is a big fan of instructor-led learning and memorization. She has presented an incontrovertible body of evidence over the years showing that having strong and broad foundations of core knowledge is essential to higher-order thinking. There is a lengthy table toward the bottom of the page linked above that shows various factors and their effect sizes in descending order. You might note that most of the larger effect sizes refer to factors that are typically associated with a more traditional instructor-led learning model and/or focus on memorization. For example, mnemonics.