Scientists study effect of cooked vs raw food on gut microbiome

New research has revealed our gut microbiome dynamically responds in different ways to the same foods, depending on whether they are consumed cooked or raw.

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I have written and spoken at some length over the years about the cooked vs. raw food debate. I land firmly on the cooked food side. Homo erectus, the species that preceded modern humans on the evolutionary ladder, was using fire for cooking before Homo sapiens existed. This is just one line of much evidence that suggests that humans have always relied on cooked food as their primary source of nutrition. Our raw food eating ancestors were several species before us. I will explore this in more detail at a later date.

Today, I got to wondering if this issue had been studied in the context of the microbiome. So far, just a little bit. Here is the bottom line from this article:

From a microbiome perspective it seems our gut bacteria population has evolved to adapt to a diet of cooked food, suggesting solely eating raw food isn’t necessarily a healthier option.