Comparing lab results from a carnivore and vegan diet

Very interesting series of posts from a health and fitness enthusiast who ran some pretty rigorous self experiments recently. I reviewed his comparison of the outcomes of a carnivore versus a vegan diet. I know he also has an article on the keto diet, which I have not reviewed yet. It’s a remarkably honest appraisal from a dispassionate perspective. The author ends this particular article by indicating that his experiments to date suggest that the diet one choosers at any given point would be different based upon one’s specific goals. One thing that surprised him and caused him some concern was that his testosterone levels dropped significantly on the carnivore diet and rose significantly on a vegan diet. I honestly was not expecting to hear that, either. Another thing that probably didn’t surprise him but did concern him was a dramatic spike in his LDL cholesterol.


At the end of a carnivore diet, my testosterone fell 22.5% from 21.8 nmol/L to 16.9 nmol/L. At the end of a vegan diet, this number increased by 34.9% to 22.8 nmol/L. Even more concerning than this drop to my testosterone was a spike in my LDL cholesterol. My LDL cholesterol rose from 2.68 mmol/L to 3.7 mmol/L on a carnivore diet before dropping to 1.82 mmol/L on a vegan diet. This cholesterol decrease was so dramatic that my doctor had to call me aside and ask how I did it. He said that if he prescribes a patient medication the best results that he could hope for is a 10% reduction. When switching from carnivore to vegan, my cholesterol fell over 50%.